Read on to know about the liquid floating on yogurt and if it is of any nutritional significance.

Yogurt is a part of the daily dietary routine of most people and is enjoyed as such or used as an ingredient of various food preparations. It is quite often to find some clear liquid floating on top of the yogurt whenever you open its lid. Here is the info regarding the liquid found on the topmost layer (or sometimes in between) of most of the sealed yogurt cups.

The liquid which floats in the yogurt pack is actually whey and is quite healthy as it is loaded with proteins. You must instead, mix this clear liquid with the rest of the set yogurt to include every last drop of whey protein present in the pack of yogurt.

Whey is a liquid protein that is present in the curdled and strained milk. Whey protein is also considered to be a complete protein as it includes all the nine essential amino acids. There are two varieties of whey present.

The acid whey is strained from the yogurt during the manufacturing of fluffy and soft cheeses such as cottage and ricotta cheese.

The sweet whey is present during the manufacturing of hard cheeses such as cheddar and Swiss. It is the sweet whey, which is then processed to turn into whey protein powder and sold in the cartons and boxes.

Whey has various nutritional benefits as it is low in fat and cholesterol, an excellent source of B vitamins, and high in calcium content. It also contains probiotics and has a very low lactose content.

So, remember to never throw away the liquid floating in the yogurt cups.