Who on Earth doesn’t want a healthy life… free from any illness whatsoever? Well, even though it is practically impossible to achieve this, we still can try to stay away from getting ill for the longest time possible by eating healthy and the right kind of foods. Read on to know how to attain a state of complete health and strong immunity by eating right!

If fed properly, our body is quite sufficient to ward off many deadly infections and defend our system from falling prey to untimely sickness. And, even if we happen to fall sick there are certain types of food that help us to recover quicker. So, it is important that we eat healthy all the time… well… most of the times!

Our immune system is a long trail of defense that is forever on guard to protect us against several illnesses until we are alive. The saliva in our mouth stores powerful antimicrobials such as lysozyme, alpha amylase, and lactoferrin. Followed by that the hydrochloric acid in our stomach, chemical compounds and proteins in our digestive tract, and our personal army of good bacteria called probiotics, all are vital in defending our system against any germ that may cause infection. With so much work to do, we have got to feed our system and the friendly bacteria some nutrient dense and fiber rich whole food regularly.

You may feed the absolutely vital probiotics with vegetables (such as asparagus, onion, garlic), cereals (such as oats, quinoa, wheat), fruits (such as banana, apples, berries), seeds (such as chia and flax seeds), dairy (such as yogurt, cheese), and fermented foods (such as pickles, kimchi, miso, tempeh, soy sauce, wine). Taking help of a probiotic supplement in addition to these is also a good way to nourish our body.

Even then if you happen to fall sick, there is another league of foods that will help you recover faster. Such as garlic (acts as an antibiotic against colds and infections), chicken soup (homemade soup may have an anti-inflammatory effect), green tea (boosts the production of antibodies), honey (has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties), and elderberries (are loaded with phytonutrients and have antiviral properties).

Apart from that, we must cater to the requirements of our body, particularly when we are unwell. In the long run, the way you eat most often or the way you treat your body shapes the way your immune system works.

You must try to avoid over eating/ under eating, consuming too much sugar, and maintain a healthy eating balance. Intake of moderate amounts of healthy fats (olive, avocado, canola), proteins, and lots of fruits and vegetables to nourish your system on a daily basis is a great way to boost your immunity!