Do you want to quickly lose weight and are you ready to try one of the best known diets? Here are all the pros and cons of the most famous diets that allow you to quickly lose weight.

When you try to lose weight and find again the perfect shape, you often rely on the most famous diets that are also appreciated by stars, just like the Dukan diet, the zone diet and so on and so forth. But what are the pros and cons of these food regimes? Here are all the positive and negative aspects of the most known diets.

The Dukan diet

The main protagonists of this diet are meat and proteins. Pierre Dukan, the creator of this diet, was inspired by prehistory when carbohydrates did not exist, and so he has created a diet that is based almost exclusively on meat consumption and some vegetables. The weight loss is undoubtedly very fast, thanks to the phases of the diet that differ from each other, but among the negative sides we must mention the little variety of this diet and especially the fact that, in the long run, constipation and kidney problems could appear.

The zone diet


The zone diet is based on precise percentages of food that must be taken during the day: 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 30% fat. The diet is varied, but you must be careful not to make mistakes and always follow the 40-30-30 rule for each meal, including snacks. For this reason, it can be a complicated diet to follow especially for those who work away from home or travel often.

The vegetarian diet

The diet that does not contain meat is one of the most followed of the last period. The vegetarian diet is based on the prevalent consumption of fruits and vegetables, but also cheeses and eggs. Then there are those who follow a variant of this diet, that is the vegan diet, which also excludes products derived from animals, such as eggs and cheeses. The benefits of this diet seem to be that it fights cancer. By limiting or excluding the consumption of meat altogether, however, you must be careful to bring the right nutritional ingredients, such as vitamin B12, to the body.

The dissociated diet


This particular diet is based on various type of foods that combine with each other. Following the tables studied by Herbert Shelton, on some pre-established days you will have to consume only proteins, in others only carbohydrates and in others only fruit. With this diet you will lose weight quickly, but the cons are very numerous: in the days of only proteins, for example, you will overload kidneys and liver, while in those of carbohydrates you could see a rapid increase in weight.

The Atkins diet

It is one of the most famous diets in the United States, since it is also followed by stars like Kim Kardashian: the diet regulates the consumption of carbohydrates in favor of proteins and fats. When in our body the carbohydrates are missing, in fact, the body draws on fats to find energy. Among the negative sides of this diet, there is the low intake of fibers and vitamins and besides it is not very varied.