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How To Substitute Mascarpone Cheese

If you're on the search for best mascarpone cheese substitutes to use in your dishes or baking, you're in the right place. Here is a list of alternatives that work perfectly well.

By gcaso

Mascarpone is a triple-cream cheese that consists of two ingredients: cream and citric (or tartaric) acid.

The mixing of the acid helps to increase the thick texture of the churned cream. It also adds a perfect tangy finish to the flavor.

Take note that the mascarpone's primary ingredient is cream which makes it a high fat food. Not that this is bad because the increased fat content gives mascarpone its velvety texture.

Great Alternatives To Mascarpone

The mascarpone is a truly versatile food. Thus there is a large amount of recipes you may need a substitute for.

As such, the most fitting substitutes may differ based on what you want. Below is a list of great mascarpone alternatives.



Crème Fraiche has been called the French version of mascarpone. The “fresh cream” is made from heavy cream that has been soured. It has a similar texture and tanginess to mascarpone. However, to the informed person there are some small differences.

A good one is that Crème fraiche has less fat than mascarpone. So, even though it has a similar texture to mascarpone, it is not exactly as thick.

It also doesn't have that perfect tangy taste.  Despite this, crème fraiche has been recognized as a worthy substitute for mascarpone in both savory and sweet recipes.



Sour cream is popularly used as a substitute for crème fraiche, which also makes it a good substitute for mascarpone.

However, note that sour cream possesses a stronger sour taste than both crème fraiche and mascarpone. As such, it is best used in savory recipes.



Greek yogurt contains a lot of protein and is tangier than mascarpone but it still has a nice neutral flavor which makes it a wonderful substitute in a lot of dishes.

Due to its tanginess, there are those who prefer to use this option only in savory dishes. The consistency should also be considered when using it as a substitute because it is liquid. Use the full fat version for the best result.



Cottage cheese is a great substitute with its rich and creamy consistency for savory dishes. Like Greek yogurt, it is also high in protein.

To be clear, cottage cheese has a very different consistency than mascarpone, but you can quickly change that by blending the cottage cheese in a food processor or blender.

This substitute is best for savory dishes.



Ricotta Cheese has many similarities to mascarpone but it is a bit saltier and more commonly used in savory dishes.

Used as an alternative, ricotta works like cottage cheese but it is not as chunky as cottage cheese nor as creamy as mascarpone. Thus, you can give it a quick whirl in the blender to achieve that velvety texture.

Ricotta has a neutral taste that can take on sweet flavors, but some prefer to only use this for savory dishes.

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