How to eliminate bees, wasps and hornets with natural methods and without damaging the environment? There are several remedies that we can use to keep away these insects useful for the ecosystem, but that can be annoying when we are outdoors. Among the simplest and most effective methods we find coffee, but it is not the only one!

Although there are many repellents on the market to keep insects away, it is better to avoid the use of chemicals and rely on natural methods. Here are 6 effective natural remedies to eliminate bees, wasps and hornets:



The best known and recommended method to keep away bees, wasps and hornets is coffee, a real magical ingredient to prepare in a short time. Place the coffee powder inside an aluminum container, a metal stopper, or an aluminum foil wrapper. Light the powder with a lighter or a match: the coffee will burn slowly, producing an intense smell of smoke, which may also be pleasant to us, but which is absolutely unpleasant to bees and wasps. Place it on a windowsill or in the garden, so you can enjoy the outdoors in freedom. The coffee will continue to burn slowly and there will be no need to revive it or refuel it for a long time.



Among the remedies to be found in the kitchen there is also garlic. Use the powdered one and add it to the water inside a sprayer, it will soon remove wasps and other insects.


Cucumbers are also very effective: you can keep the skins and place them in the garden or on windowsills.

Essential oils


If you want a perfumed and effective remedy, then opt for essential oils; among the most effective essences we find that of laurel, with a high repellent power, but also eucalyptus, lavender and especially citronella oil, usually used as repellent for mosquitoes but also useful against bees and wasps. Place a drop of essential oil for each square meter of your home, inside a room diffuser: it will also perfume the house. You can then use a few drops of these essential oils even on clothes or on the skin, so to keep away insects.

Camphor balls or mothballs

Other useful remedies to keep away bees, wasps and hornets, are camphor balls or mothballs; these are always harmless products. Put them in bags and then place them in strategic locations: near doors or windows, for example, they will help keep away other annoying bugs.


Ammonia can also be an effective remedy; you will have to spray it in critical places. However, its smell is strong and it can be unpleasant to us too.