The Alta Colina is a vineyard situated in Paso Robles, California. The yard itself is ages old and run by a winemaker family.

While their wine is admittedly an alluring reason to visit Alta Colina, the most special is their "Trailer Pond", because it makes an excellent spot for weekend getaways and fun family outdoor trips.

Whether you need bonding time with your family, lover or you are just one of a small group of friends, Alta Colina is a definite recommendation.

To give their patrons the best experience possible, the owners have established a partnership with Tinker Tin Trailer Company.

Thus, the unique retro campers that have made them quite popular. These small compartments are just vintage enough to give you that feeling of the high-end classic as you look out at the pond before it while it provides you modern features that help make a living more comfortable.

For example, the campers, which can accommodate two people, are tastefully furnished with basic amenities including bedding, towels, a coffee maker, and many more others.

The one kink to using these campers is that the bathrooms, although nearby, are outdoors, much like the kitchen. However, even that much is expected since the establishment is meant for camping outdoors.

All of these factors, while a bit limiting, help to propagate fun as well as camaraderie at the camping site. This means that you may even leave the vineyard arm in arm with a new friend!

Another attractive feature of Alta Colina is that it is close to the town, which means several restaurants and cafes are just a few minutes away when you don't feel like cooking!

Image credits: Alta Colina Vineyard & Winery Facebook post