Gardening is an activity that allows you to create a real garden with wonderful plants and flowers. However, few people know that it also has health benefits. Let's find out what they are.

Gardening is an activity that in recent times is becoming more widespread. Creating your own garden, with your favorite flowers and plants, is a real satisfaction. What's more, gardening allows you to keep fit, to release stress and stay healthy. Let's find out what are the benefits of gardening.

1. Gardening provides benefits the immune system – To do gardening you have to be outdoors and this thing has incredible health benefits. In particular, exposure to sunlight contributes to the production of vitamin D, essential to strengthen the immune system.

2. Gardening fights osteoporosis – Gardening also involves considerable physical effort but few people know that it is also capable of replacing physical activity. Indeed, gardening is also capable of preserving the quality of the bones.

3. Gardening is anti-stress – Being busy and taking care of plants and flowers is a way to fight stress. Gardening removes negative thoughts and increases self-esteem.

4. Gardening make you lose weight – Taking care of the garden for 45 minutes equals 30 minutes of aerobics. All those who do not like going to the gym can therefore dedicate themselves on this activity.

5. Gardening keep your hands trained – Hands are used a lot in gardening. Among rakes, shears, pitchforks and repositioning of pots, they are held in training and the articulation benefit from it.

6. Gardening reduces cardiovascular risk – When you do gardening, there is inevitably a direct contact with nature. It is in this way that the risk of developing heart problems is reduced by 50%.

7. Gardening reduces the risk of diabetes – It is now clear that gardening can replace physical activity. By consuming 500 Kcal every two hours, it reduces blood sugar levels and therefore also the risk of diabetes.