Green tea has been believed to be the go-to beverage for the longest time. While it has been conjectured to offer many health benefits, there are a good number of studies to actually support various notions around this food ingredient. Read on to know about the role of green tea consumption in losing the body weight.

Green tea is definitely one of the healthiest beverage that there is. It offers innumerable antioxidants, whose benefits range from benefiting heart health, delaying the symptoms of many harmful diseases, and assists in losing excess body weight.

It has been claimed that green tea consumption increases the fat burning ability of our body, which helps to lose weight. Here are a few evidence supporting the role of green tea in weight loss.

Contains beneficial components. Green tea contains caffeine, which acts as a stimulant to aid in the burning of fat cells and improve the exercise performance. Even the amount of caffeine in green tea is quite less compared to coffee, still it is enough to offer a mild effect on the body. Green tea also has high antioxidant content, particularly EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) that is known to boost the metabolism of the body.

Helps to mobilize the fat cells. The fat cells must move in to the blood stream for them to be broken down fast. There are studies to support the role of green tea in actively boosting the effect and amount of fat burning hormones (norepinephrine).

Enhances the fat burning ability of the body while exercising. Green tea extract has been linked to increasing the fat burning ability of the body particularly while exercising. A study reported that men who consumed green tea extract before exercising burned 17% more body fat than the ones who did not consume it. The compound catechins in this tea are responsible to enhance the fat burning ability of the body both while resting and exercising.

It helps to boost metabolic rate. The green tea extract containing EGCG has been known to burn more calories. Also according to some studies, the metabolism boosting ability persists on long term consumption of this tea.

Helps to lose abdominal body fat. The high amount of belly fat is associated with insulin resistance and inflammation. Regular consumption of green tea is linked to a significant loss of the harmful and stubborn visceral fat or the belly fat.