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Mai Tai: the exotic and refreshing cocktail recipe

Total time: 5 Min
Difficulty: Low
Serves: 1 person
By Cookist
White rum
40 ml
Dark Rum
20 ml
orange curaçao
15 ml
15 ml
Lime juice
10 ml

Mai Tai is a tropical alcoholic cocktail made of rum, curaçao, orgeat and lime juice. Its name literally means "good" and it is the perfect way to present this strong cocktail with a dry and fruity aftertaste. Mai Tai was born in the United State during the Second World War and is now famous all over the world. If you love aperitifs and you want to taste an excellent fresh cocktail in company of your friends, Mai Tai is the right one for you!

How to make Mai Tai

Pour the white rum, orgeat, lime juice and orange curaçao into a shaker. Add a scoop of ice and shake until the mixture is well chilled.

Pour the mixture into a highball glass and gently add the dark rum, which should remain on the surface. Garnish with a quarter of a pineapple wedge and a mint leaf and serve.


– To make a perfect Mai Tai it is important to add dark rum at the very end, when the rest of the ingredients are well shaken: in this way you will not lose the strong and bold taste of your cocktail.

– The advice is not to filter your cocktail before serving it.

– For a sweeter Mai Tai you can add 0.5 cl of grenadine juice.

– Choose carefully the rum you are going to use: for a successful result it must be of excellent quality!


If you prefer a lighter version of Mai Tai, you can add 30 ml of pineapple or orange juice.

What glass to use

The Mai Tai is served in a highball glass or in a Tiki Martini glass.

What to serve with Mai Tai

Mai Tai is a cocktail with a strong and bold flavor and its alcoholic level comes from the union of two rums and makes it certainly a cocktail for experts: enjoy it with your friends preparing a rich aperitif based on canapés with guacamole, stuffed tortillas or chicken curry, you will not regret it!

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