• Dark Rum 30 ml
  • White rum 30 ml
  • apricot brandy 30 ml
  • rum bacardi 30 ml
  • Lime juice 30 ml
  • Orange juice
  • grenadine
  • maraschino cherry

Zombie cocktail is the most famous Tiki drink in the world, an exotic cocktail with a smooth and sweet taste, which hides an alcoholic heart made of rum. Its invention seems to date back to Ernest Raymond Beaumont Gannt, better known as Donn Beach, an American adventurer recognized as the father of Tiki culture.

Actually, while sipping this cocktail you feel the will to explore exotic lands, in particular to the islands of the Pacific Ocean. This cocktail recipe has become a classic over the years thanks to its delicious fruity aroma combined with a powerful blend of rum. Let's find out the recipe for making the Zombie cocktail.

How to make Zombie Cocktail

In a shaker, pour the light rum the dark rum and the Apricot Brandy. Add the lime juice and grenadine.

Shake well for at least ten seconds, then strain into highball glasses with a few cracked ice cubes.

Add a little orange juice and finally the Bacardi rum. Stir and garnish with a maraschino cherry and an orange slice at the edge of the glass.

Zombie Cocktail Origins

Over the years the Zombie has become very trendy, especially in places that recall the Tiki style. The original recipe was created by Don Beach, an American businessman who in the 30's, after coming back from many trips to the Caribbean, founded in Los Angeles the Tiki Restaurants & Pubs which were inspired to the exotic culture.

There were served cocktails based on rum that soon became very popular, even among Hollywood celebrities. According to the legend, Don Beach invented the famous Zombie Cocktail for a client who was supposed to get rid of a hangover before a business appointment.

The smooth taste of the cocktail however hid a very strong alcoholic base, so the man came back a few days later complaining about the cocktail that had literally turned him into a zombie.