It is strongly advised that people stay at home as the coronavirus becomes a subject of great concern worldwide. Now, governing bodies in the United States are making it mandatory that social sites like restaurants and bars be closed until further notice.

1. Gov. Mike Devine of Ohio shut down bars and restaurants on March 15

Governor Devine's order came ahead of the upcoming St. Patrick's Day, and he issued a heartfelt statement that staying alive comes before any such celebration.

However, food businesses will still be allowed to deliver food to their customers.

2. In New York, eating out at restaurants will be BANNED

On March 15, the Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, publicly announced that he plans to make an order that nobody must eat at restaurants, bars, and cafés.

Much like in Ohio, food businesses will be allowed to deliver food to their customers while other relevant sites that are frequented by locals will be forcefully locked down.

This directive will be implemented starting Tuesday, March 17.

3. Every nightclub in Los Angeles will also be closed down

The drastic measures taken by Ohio and New York City seem to have initiated a chain of others like it across the U.S. Soon after the New York government announced the ban, Los Angeles followed suit.

Also on March 15, the Mayor, Eric Garcetti publicly stated that to limit the spread of the coronavirus, all nightclubs and restaurants will be shut down. Food deliveries are also still allowed.

Garcetti closed his announcement by expressing dismay over how the rule might impact businesses and shared that they plan to do "everything" to help employees and employers of such companies.

4. There is now a ban on bars and a curfew in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Mayor Ravi Bhalla has mandated that starting March 16, bars and restaurants, with or without a liquor license, would only be able to serve food by delivery or takeout.

The mayor also implemented a curfew that no one must be seen outdoors between 10 pm and 5 am each day.

5. In Illinois, Gov. JB Pritzker will close all bars and restaurants starting Monday, March 16.

Pritzker also made the announcement on March 15. Much like the others listed above, he shared that all bars and restaurants would be closed to the public from Monday, March 16, to Monday, March 30.

In his official statement, he labeled the order a "hard step" and stressed the importance of social distancing.

Other states in America that have imposed a ban on eating out and shut down bars include Washington and Massachusetts. At this rate, it won't be surprising to find that every state adopts the measure.

Since it is for the greater good, be sure to adhere to these rules. Health is wealth!