Prevention is the best option when it comes to COVID-19 pandemic. To achieve this, many people are adopting social distancing by staying self-quarantined in their homes.

Now, the population is generally left with what to do while they stay indoors. Even though many people are working remotely while indoors, they still have more free time than when they had to commute and interact with friends at work.

So, many have turned to stress baking. A search of the internet for recipes for baked treats will produce over a hundred results, so you might as well join the crowd!

There are numerous reasons to fill your time with baking. Aside from the sweet rewards you get, there is no better way to deal with the anxiety that comes with the current pandemic.

It is also a fun activity to keep your family busy; you can primarily engage the children by letting them modifying the recipes as they like.

However, the baking may be deemed excessive by some as there is little to no storage space left in the fridge after stocking it with food in preparation for quarantine.

This is why writer Charlotte Druckman, editor of the book, "Women on Food," says that pastries are the at the bottom on a list of necessities during a time of crisis.

A population, however, reiterates that the act of baking being frivolous at this time holds a special appeal for them.

One such person told Julia Moskin of the New York Times that:

"The content of your product should not be something that you need to make in order to meet your daily nutritional needs."

Even better, baking pastries will help you save money while you stock up on other major cooking items. If you have enough storage for these sweet desserts, then try baking to deal with the stress.