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Oprah Winfrey Gains Attention After She Harvested A Giant Cabbage

If you need the inspiration to pay more attention to your garden, then Oprah Winfrey is all game! The famous television personality recently went Instagram viral after she posted a clip of herself harvesting a giant cabbage to encourage her followers to spend more of their time gardening. Seeing as the cabbage she collected from her garden is about the size of her torso, there is no better source of motivation!

By Cookist

Oprah Winfrey, who is best described as a legend in the entertainment industry, has many people looking up to her in practically every aspect of life.

Gardening is now one more to add as the talk show host proudly displayed a giant cabbage she harvested from her garden on Instagram.

It sounds unreal and perhaps more like the stuff of folklore, but there is a video to prove it. In the short clip, the joy of the harvest is very evident on Oprah as she excitedly cooed that the cabbage will make a lot of slaw for Memorial Day.

As if knowing how curious everyone would get, Oprah went on to explain that the cabbage is all organic because she didn't use any chemicals. Via her caption, she encouraged every viewer to pay attention to their garden, regardless of its size.

She wrote:

"The Lockdown has not stopped green things from growing. I get a lot of joy from gardening. Anyone else enjoy? #HarvestDay."

Indeed, gardening is one of the best options for things to do while locked down at home because of the ongoing pandemic. There is just something about tending to new life and you'd agree that monitoring the process of the plants is very relaxing.

Even better, you are rewarded with beautiful flowers as well as delicious fruits and veggies all right from your own garden!

Get gardening!

Credits: Oprah Winfrey

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