Scientists have tested the effects of peppermint oil on patients suffering from swallowing problems and esophagus disorders and have discovered that this food can significantly reduce these symptoms when taken before eating. Let's see together what we need to know.

Peppermint helps those who suffer from swallowing problems and esophagus disorders, say researchers who tested the effects of this food in the form of oil. Let's see together what scientis discovered and why peppermint helps our health.

Peppermint and benefits

Experts explain that they started knowing that peppermint oil is already considered effective for those suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, to understand what could be the effects on those suffering from swallowing problems and chest pain without apparent causes. Some patients suffering from these disorders were therefore involved in the study and were asked to take peppermint oil tablets before eating. The data collected showed a 73% reduction in symptoms compared to the control group who were not asked to take peppermint. The results proved even more satisfactory among patients with esophageal spasms with a 83% illness reduction.

How is it possible?

Experts explain that peppermint oil has therapeutic effects for more disorders because it has muscle-relaxing properties.


Unfortunately, experts do not know what is the exact amount of peppermint oil to be taken for having health benefits, since they used a simple candy that can be bought everywhere, and it must also be said that the study is based on reports by the patients themselves to understand improvement of symptoms. However, scientists have declared that "given the level of safety, the low cost and the widespread availability, there are no risks deriving from the empirical use of peppermint oil".

The study, titled "Impact of Peppermint Therapy on Dysphagia and Non-cardiac Chest Pain: A Pilot Study", was published in Digestive Diseases and Sciences.