Pineapple makes you lose weight, cow’s milk is bad, meat favors the appearance of cancer, these are just some of the most popular beliefs when it comes to eating. But, however, some of these are only hoaxes; here are all the fake news about food that you should not believe.

Every time we talk about diets and healthy nutrition, there are an infinite number of cliches that are handed down from generation to generation. On the web, moreover, there are many hoaxes that just feed disinformation. The result? We eat and shop making a lot of mistakes. Pineapple makes you lose weight, cow's milk is bad, meat favors the appearance of cancer; here are all the fake news about food that you should not believe.

  • Sugar cane does not make you gain weight – Sugar cane has the same nutritional and caloric characteristics of the refined white sugar. It contains more vitamins and minerals, but it is not less fat as many people believe.
  • Milk is bad – According to many websites, milk should be consumed only in the first years of life to allow the baby's body to grow well. In fact man, unlike other animals, is the only one who continues to drink milk for all life, risking to meet health problems. However, this thing is absolutely wrong, because according to the Italian Association for Cancer Research, milk of cow, goat or sheep can always be drunk. The human genome modified itself to allow even in adulthood the production of the enzyme useful to break down lactose, milk sugar.
  • Pineapple burns fats – Those who are perpetually on a diet have always believed that pineapple could burn fat, but the truth is quite different. This fruit contains bromelain, that is the element that manages to reduce the amount of fats in the body, only in the stem, a part that nobody ever eats. Pineapple would simply promote protein digestion.
  • Kamut is an ancient cereal – The word Kamut refers to a private and registered trademark in the United States, not to a cereal. What is sold is called Khorasan wheat, and it has characteristics similar to spelt and durum wheat.
  • Meat is bad – Last year, the news that red meat favors the appearance of cancer has massively gone around the web. However, according to Coldiretti, there is no study that proves such a thing. On the contrary, meat would give many benefits to the body and you can avoid it only if you eat other animal products such as eggs, milk, derivatives or supplements rich in vitamins and minerals.
  • Bananas are the richest fruits in potassium – Bananas are not the fruits that contain the largest quantities of potassium. Raw spinach, rocket, kiwi, raw sprouts and many other vegetables contain more potassium. Bananas simply have a higher caloric content than other fruit and vegetables.
  • Fats should be eliminated from the diet – Fats are essential for the proper functioning of the organism and they should not be completely eliminated when you are on a diet. The secret is to select the best and quality ones.