We’ve all been there – eating a slice of cold pizza from the fridge that’s been leftover from the night before. There’s nothing quite like it, but most of us probably think it’s a guilty pleasure that can’t be that good for us.

Well, think again, because apparently a cheese and carb loaded slice of pizza is better for us than most breakfast cereals!

New York-based nutritionist Chelsea Amer says that breakfast cereal has such a high sugar content that it really isn’t that good for us, and with a lack of protein and healthy fats, cereal is a bit of a nutritional wasteland.

“You may be surprised to find out that an average slice of pizza and a bowl of cereal with whole milk contain nearly the same amount of calories,” Amer told The Daily Meal. “However, pizza packs a much larger protein punch, which will keep you full and boost satiety throughout the morning.”

Good news for pizza fans? Perhaps not quite…

Cynthia Sass, MPH, RD, says that not all breakfast cereals are bad, and that some may be preferable to pizza. “A cereal made with whole grains, nuts or seeds, and fruit with organic grass-fed milk or plant-based milk is a better choice than a grease-laden pizza made with processed meat like pepperoni on a white flour crust,” she says.

Still, at least we can feel a little less guilty about our morning-after pizza indulgences – and here’s some fun facts about pizza that will help take your mind off it. Or maybe make you want to go get a slice right now!

1. The US eats 350 slices of pizza every second

Americans eat a whopping 100 acres of pizza every day, according to the National Association of Pizza Operators.

2. The world’s most expensive pizza costs $12,000

Salerno, Italy has the world’s priciest pizza, but it’s no ordinary pepperoni. Luis XIII is a restaurant that will send a chef to your home with perfectly-aged pizza dough, to create a masterpiece in your kitchen.

The ingredients include three types of caviar, Norwegian lobster, Cilento, buffalo mozzarella cheese and grains of pink salt from Australia’s Murray river.

3. The most popular topping is pepperoni

You probably guessed this one already. A Harris Poll taken in January 2016 showed that pepperoni was the most popular topping, followed by sausage in second place.

4. The first pizza delivery in space

In 2001, the Russian Space Agency was paid more than a million dollars to deliver a six-inch pizza to the International Space Station. Russian cosmonaut Yuri Usachov got to be the first ever person to receive a pizza delivery while in orbit.