Restaurant Purchases ‘Bumper Tables’ To Help Customers Stay Six feet Apart At All Times!

Fish Tales, a restaurant situated in Maryland, is working hard to ensure their customers' safety once they are allowed to welcome customers into their establishment again. Thus, their unusual idea to buy bumper tables that will help each customer stay a minimum of six feet apart to limit the transmission of the coronavirus.

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While the fight against the coronavirus continues, there is no ignoring the devastating impact it has had on the economy of all affected countries. If not quickly attended to, experts say that it may be tough to find a rebound again.

This has caused different governmental bodies to set plans to loosen restrictions so that businesses can resume work under conditions that will facilitate their customers' health safety.

In Maryland, which is gradually reopening its economy, Fish Tales, a restaurant, is one such business working hard to help its customers remain socially distant at the same time they are eating.

Thus the birth of an idea to have customers dine at bumper tables that are a replica of giant inner tubes. Although the tables make for a funny sight, they indeed keep users 6 feet apart, which will limit human to human transmission of COVID-19.

The unique creations have wheels and feature a giant inner tube, so they work just like bumper cars when two tubes hit. However, the restaurant, like many others across Maryland, is yet to open as per the governmental directive.

Once allowed, Fish Tales plans to have the tubes in a roped-off area of its parking lot to entertain guests. The restaurant's owner, Donna Harman, said:

"The whole idea is just to make people smile and give hope and do something fun."

Albeit unusual for a restaurant, the bumper tables are sure to be fun. The unique creations are mainly designed for social distancing by Revolution Events and have since garnered attention amongst business owners as they afford entertainment and safety.

Image credits: INSIDER

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