One of the reasons why many people tend to gain weight easily? They eat with extreme voracity. Japanese research has shown that eating slowly, chewing a bite 20 times before swallowing it and avoiding drinking water, is the secret to saying goodbye to extra pounds.

Who has never eaten lunch or dinner in a few minutes because her or she was overwhelmed by a thousand of other tasks? It is an absolutely wrong habit that would do nothing but put one's own figure at risk. One of the reasons why there are many people who tend to gain weight with a certain ease is that they all eat with extreme voracity, swallowing food in a few minutes without having the chance to feel the sense of satiety and continuing to feel hungry even at the end of meal. A recent Japanese study, however, revealed what are the tricks to say goodbye to extra pounds and to these bad habits.

Eating slowly is the secret to staying fit

According to a Japanese study published by BMJ Open, those who eat fast have more chances of getting obesity. In particular, the health conditions of 60,000 people were kept under control and the results were clear: those who consume meals at normal speed are 29% less likely to become obese than "fast eaters", a percentage that rises to 42% for those who eat slowly. "It takes 15 to 20 minutes to start the natural mechanisms that communicate the sense of satiety, they are physiological processes that allow us to recognize the fullness and feel satisfied by food", said Ben Desbrow, a professor at Griffith University and one of the main authors of the study.

Eating slowly and consciously is the first step to take care of your figure but there are little tips to do it without feeling under pressure. It is necessary, for example, to chew a bite 12 times before swallowing it, so as to absorb the nutrients in the food faster, or to avoid drinking during the meal. It is advisable to consume two glasses of water about 20 minutes before lunch or dinner, so as to help the digestive enzymes have the strength necessary to destroy the food. You should prioritize fruit and vegetables during main meals and indulge in some protein-rich snacks during the morning and afternoon. However, you must avoid the habit of eating to combat stress. This is the only way you will learn to listen to your body and recognize the sense of satiety.