Small-Town Bakery Spreads Love By Donating 800 Cakes To Graduating High School Students

The coronavirus pandemic has dealt everyone, a difficult card, but admittedly some of the most affected populations all over the world are graduating high school students. Like many celebrities have done, a local bakery made efforts to celebrate the students in the little way they can: by sharing 800 free cakes to them!

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Since large gatherings have been scrapped to curb the spread of COVID-19, high school students have been unable to enjoy the formal process of graduation like many others before them.

They have since become subject of attention as notable famous figures take time out to celebrate them. In Minnesota, a small-town baker pitched in 800 graduation cakes for students in the locality.

The person who performed this charitable act is Bill Hanisch, owner of Hanisch Bakery in Red Wing, Minnesota. He birthed the idea of donating the cakes after hearing that this year's local high school graduation ceremony has been canceled because of the ongoing pandemic.

This spurred him to promise that every member of the 2020 graduating class from Red Wing High School, his alma mater, will get a personalized cake.

This was the plan before word about his plans went around, and donations started trickling in from neighboring towns. Soon after, Hanisch had 800 cake orders for graduates in 12 nearby towns!

Not only has Hanisch's kind act become widely appraised, but it has also earned him internet fame as well as little profit to help keep his business running without having to sack some of his employees.

Hanisch says that although he had hoped the donations would cover ingredients and the salaries of his 21 full-time employees, he is still astonished at what they have achieved, making that many students happy.

Indeed, not all heroes wear capes!

Image credits: Hanisch Bakery and Coffee Shop/Facebook

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