Linda Tutt High School in Sanger launched the grocery store in late 2020 to help their students obtain necessities like toilet paper, meat, and basic food items. The students paid for their purchases by earning points from deeds, no matter how little, they have performed to help others.

In an interview, the school's principal, Anthony Love, said that this innovation kicked off as the school authorities noted that a large percentage of their students came from impoverished families:

She said:

"In our school district, there are roughly 2,750 students enrolled, and throughout the district, 43% of these students are considered economically disadvantaged. About 3.6% of our students are considered homeless. We thought it was important to support them and their families and make sure they had food on the table."

The high school realized its goals of opening the store by forming a partnership with First Refuge Ministries, Texas Health Resources, and the grocery store Albertsons.

The store is managed by students of the school. They keep an eye on everything, from keeping the inventory to stocking the shelves and helping other students find and bag what they need.

The school's genuine efforts are not only being praised for being so kind and heartwarming, but the store has also been described as one of a kind because of the peculiar way it is run.

If there's anything that is undisputed, it is that the students are proud and so, working hard to keep things running smoothly at their store!