Summer is ending but the days are still very hot, so much so that everyone feels like going to the beach and lying in the sun just like during the holidays. What better than ice cream can refresh even when you need to be in the office? The peculiar thing is that a really over-the-top taste, the snail slime one, is born. Forget the traditional tastes like chocolate, coffee, vanilla or stracciatella, this new variety of ice cream will soon become very popular thanks to its countless beneficial properties.


Snail slime ice cream is good for your health

Do you want to know what is the taste of ice cream that you absolutely must try in order not to feel guilty after having eaten it? The snail slime one. Even if the thought alone could leave you a little disgusted, in truth snail slime ice cream is very good for your health. It was created by the ice-cream maker Alessandro Racca, who replaced the water with snail slime among the ingredients of the traditional recipe, leaving the rest unchanged.

The reason? The mucus of snails is not only 100% organic and 100% natural but it has also different nutritional properties that help fight digestive disorders as it reduces bacterial loads and keeps the pH value below the 3% threshold. What's more, it is also a sedative, an emollient, a disinfectant and a soothing product for irritations. In short, the snail slime ice cream seems to be a real panacea for your health, so at this point, all that remains is to try it, forgetting for a few minutes the origin of that substance.