Plastic is one of the largest destroyers of nature but thankfully, there is growing awareness of the need to incorporate proper measures to reduce its circulation worldwide.

On June 5, KFC Canada took a big leap towards sustainable living by airing their commitment to making packaging for their products, compostable.

“One of our leading principles at KFC Canada is feeding people, not landfills," said Nivera Wallani, President & General Manager, KFC Canada.

Wallani went on to share that albeit ambitious, the company has chosen to embrace absolute sustainability as a core value even while serving billions of people across the universe. They continued:

"The move to 100% home compostable consumer packaging is a bold and ambitious step we are taking to inspire positive change in the communities we operate in. We embrace our responsibility to drive meaningful change across the industry and work closely with our suppliers, franchisees and team members to continuously lessen KFC’s environmental footprint.”

According to reports, the company has set plans in motion to meet their four-year goal by partnering with Toronto-based artist, Briony Douglas to design and create an iconic KFC bucket installation made entirely out of home compostable materials. A reveal of the new bucket is set for June 30, marking the company's dedication.

This isn't the first time KFC Canada has exhibited such concern for sustainability and the environment. In 2020, the fast food company announced that bamboo would become a permanent packaging solution for poutine and chicken. So, the end of 2021 will mark a huge milestone for KFC as they remove 12 million plastic poutine containers from their operations by transitioning to bamboo.

This progress is befitting of Innovation Manager, KFC Canada, Armando Carrillo's words that packaging is a part of the company's "heritage and storytelling."