Among the most effective remedies against swollen and painful belly there is a correct and healthy diet: first of all, make sure you do not suffer from any food intolerances, especially those with lactose and gluten (celiac disease). Ascertain intolerances through diagnostic tests, then it will be enough to eliminate the offending food to solve the problem. In general, then, it is important to eat slowly and chew the food well, thus avoiding swallowing too much air. Another effective remedy can be the intake of lactic acid bacteria and probiotics, in addition to fibers, which favor intestinal regularity.

Grandma's remedies for having a flat stomach with natural products

Among the most popular natural remedies for swollen belly are:

– vegetable charcoal, a 100% natural substance, which can be found in herbal medicine shops or at the supermarket, and which helps absorb gases in the stomach;

– plants that perform a carminative action and that can be taken in the form of herbal tea: among these there is fennel, cumin, lemon balm, chamomile, anise, all plants with antispasmodic, digestive and anti-inflammatory properties.

– hot water and lemon, to drink in the morning on an empty stomach to promote intestinal activity and speed up the metabolism. Do not overdo it, however, as the lemon can cause problems if you suffer from gastritis or liver disease.

What not to eat to deflate the belly?

If you suffer from a swollen belly there are some foods to avoid: foods that are difficult to digest, such as fries and fat-rich dishes, then there are legumes such as lentils, beans, chickpeas, peas, which can cause bloating and flatulence. Among the foods to avoid in case of abdominal swelling there are also cauliflower, onion, carrots and eggplant. Even artificial sweeteners contained in carbonated soft drinks and industrial products cause swollen stomachs.

What to eat to deflate the belly?

Prefer whole grains, green leafy vegetables, fruit (to eat away from meals, to prevent fermentation from contact with other ingested foods). Other foods that favor the expulsion of gases are fennel, mint, blueberry, apple, as well as ginger, which has a digestive action. Don't forget hydration: drinking at least 2 liters of water a day will help you eliminate body gases that cause a swollen belly.