Eating ice-cream in the summer means being happier and in better body shape. Thanks to this food we can also fight the summer heat of these days.

Too often demonized and deleted by low-calorie diets, ice-cream is actually a great food to improve our mood and our personal body shape and, in this period, perfect for cooling off. Its caloric intake is in fact a mix with an important nutritional value since it is able to combine milk and egg proteins with simple and complex carbohydrates. Obviously what matters is always the quantities, but, if enjoyed at the right time of the day, it gives a lot of benefits to our body shape. Here are the main benefits of ice-cream:

Ice-cream puts you in a good mood

A study carried out by the computer scientists Nicu Sebe and Theo Gevers of the University of Amsterdam says that eating ice-cream puts you in a good mood. Scientists have reached these conclusions after analyzing, through special software, the changes in the facial features of 300 volunteers while tasting an ice cream. In 86% of cases, participants expressed happiness. Of the same opinion is also the Institute of Psychiatry in London which, through brain imaging, recorded the reactions of the brain while the participants were tasting an ice-cream. The images collected from the magnetic resonances have highlighted the activation of the orbitofrontal cortex, that is where the emotional pleasure resides.

Ice-cream is good for physical fitness

According to Dr. Antonio Migliaccio, Nutritionist Doctor and President of the Italian Society of Food Science, it is possible to lose weight by eating ice cream. In fact, the diet he designed includes ice-cream as a substitute for one of the two main meals of the day, mainly for lunch. Five meals in all that will satisfy your desire for sweet, allowing you also to lose weight. The doctor highlights the importance of putting ice-cream as a substitute for a meal and not as a dessert, otherwise you risk taking too many calories.

Ice-cream refreshes during summer

As the word itself says, ice-cream is a cold food that, when taken with warm temperatures, can help us freshen up. More than a glass of cold water, which is consumed in a limited time, ice-cream, as well as granitas and popsicles, lowers the body temperature and allows us to perceive a sense of freshness already in the mouth while we taste it. To facilitate this benefit, it is advisable to opt for lighter flavors, such as fruit ones, to avoid the effect of sugars which are sources of energy that increase heat in the body.

Ice-cream is a complete food

It is erroneously believed that ice-cream contains just a lot of sugars, but actually it represents a complete food that contains proteins rich in amino acids useful for protein synthesis and easily digestible, from milk and eggs, fast-absorbing and energetic sugars, lactose and sucrose, and cereals (from the waffle). And there is more. Ice-cream is rich in vitamin A and B2, phosphorus and calcium. As for fats, the important thing is not to exceed in quantities.