Adele is the name everyone in the music industry reckons. This international singing sensation not only has a beautiful voice but since recent, she has become an inspiration for many in more than one way. By losing a good chunk of body weight, she has transformed into a slimmer and fitter version of herself. And, there is a compelling reason behind it. Read on to know a bit more about her and the reason behind her miraculous body transformation!

Many celebrities are taking a healthier route to create a positive change in their routine and lifestyle. And, there is an addition in this list of celebrities who went from flab to fab, and that is none other than the adorable Adele. This multi-Grammy winner has been creating ripples in the world of social media for her incredible weight loss journey. In fact, there was a greater motivation for her to do so than to just fit into smaller sized clothes.

The biggest reason for this super talented singer to shape up was to become a hands-on mom to her seven-year-old son, Angelo. Ever since she broke up with her ex Simon Konecki, Adele wanted to raise the child by being a super active mother and by being more available to her child.

She wanted to be the healthiest mother possible and was not happy with the way she looked back then. By transforming herself physically through strict dieting and following a regular exercise regime, she started feeling lighter and great about herself.

Throughout her weight loss journey, Adele focused on how well she can treat her body and wanted to be a healthier version of herself. Instead of focusing on mere weight loss, she focused on putting only healthy stuff inside her body by eating and drinking healthily. For this, she cut down the drinking and started eating more real food, both of which created a positive change in her body.

Undoubtedly, she loves the way she looks now. And this physical transformation has made her more confident and happier than she already was. In fact, she has also changed the way she dresses up now. With such a strong reason motivation to make her change her appearance, she certainly has done incredibly well for herself, and she now has become a great motivation for many.

Post her incredible weight loss, many people, including her fans, are finding it hard to recognize this British singer. She interacted with one of her fans while on vacation to Anguilla and shared that she has lost somewhere near 100 lbs. That’s a crazy number to lose, for anyone.