Read on to know why Wall Street Journal blames millennial for the down fall of canned tuna.

According to an article by the prestigious Wall Street Journal, the sale of canned tuna has declined by about 40% per capita in the past 30 years. This number was shared by the Department of Agriculture.

The most bizarre reason for this economic disaster by this particular age group is that a lot of millennials do not own the simple kitchen tool known as the can opener. Digging deep in to this matter with a humorous tone the popular TV anchor Jimmy Kimmel, ambushed a few millennial on the street with a can opener and asked them to open the can of tuna, which most of the millennial could not manage.

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According to the same journal, market research has found that only 32% of the consumers between the age group of 18 to 34 years bought canned fish recently.

This also leads us to the fact that not many people are consuming proper tuna salad. To correctly make the delicious tuna salad, one needs canned tuna and without the proper ingredient, you cannot get the correct taste and flavors of this classic preparation.

Canned tuna is the most integral ingredient of the tuna salad, and with the decline in the sale of this product, it is evident that people are either not indulging in this preparation or are consuming an unappetizing version of the tuna salad!