As soon as you arrive at the office, do you always prepare a hot tea? Be careful with your health. The sachets in which the infusions are contained, in fact, contain a very high quantity of bacteria, so much so that they are 17 times more infested than a toilet table.

Studies and Research

Do you always prepare yourself a good hot tea every time you arrive at the office, so as to warm up and relax? Be careful, this could seriously endanger your health. According to recent studies, in fact, the sachets in which the infusions are stored would be covered with bacteria, so as to count 17 times more germs than a toilet table.

Why do you have to wash your hands before making tea?

According to a survey conducted by the Initial Washroom Hygiene website, a simple tea sachet in the office would contain 3,755 bacteria, a figure 17 times higher than the average amount of germs on a toilet, which would be "only" 220. It is not new that some kitchen utensils and appliances, if not sterilized at each use, become incredibly contaminated but no one would have expected that the tea sachets could "host" so many microorganisms harmful to health. The reason why it happens?

Most office workers do not wash their hands before preparing the hot drink. To be very infested are also the handles of the kettles, which contain about 2,483 bacteria, used cups with 1,746 germs, the handle of the refrigerator with 1,592 bacteria or the container for sugar that contains 1,406 bacteria. How to avoid the risk of bacterial contamination? Pay regular attention to hand hygiene, washing your hands every time you leave the bathroom, especially when preparing something edible, and use antibacterial wipes on the kitchen surfaces.