Read on to know about the cute reply that Kate gave to a kid when the little one asked her whether or not the queen eats pizza!

During one of her royal visits, the Duchess went to King Henry’s walk garden. At this garden in the London’s Islington borough, an 8-year old stumped her with quite an unusual question. On that Tuesday, she was working with some children to top the pizza, which they later baked in an outdoor over.

While working, Kate was conversing with a bunch of little kids and talking about their preference for pizza and the kind of toppings they have used so far. So, while in the middle of things, a little girl named Nadirah asked her a rather valid and worthy question, which adults would have not considered asking her otherwise, “has the Queen ever had pizza?” the little girl said.


Hearing this unassuming question, the Duchess gave a bit diplomatic response to the little girl. She responded, “I don’t know. I don’t know. May be next time I see her, shall I ask?” Well, that surely is a great save.

So, while we are still pretty much clueless regarding the answer to this question but given the rules surrounding the eating habit of royals, we can sort of guess the answer. Apart from this, assuming that the Queen might have eaten the pizza once in her life she might not be habitual of eating it as the Queen is known to be quiet health conscious otherwise.