Prince William and Kate Middleton seem to be the most fun loving and chilled out royal couple. In fact, they seem a bit too similar to commoners like us. Here is an insight in to the light hearted and joyful relationship between this royal couples.

For the longest time, royals were seen as the most perfect people on the face of this earth. From the way they dress, eat food, ride carriages, or even attend an event, everything has to be picture perfect. However, sometimes, or quite rarely, the Royals let us peep in to their personal space, or well… the window of their regular life. Just like, when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited Cyprus, we came to know about their tiny little point of contention.

Prince William and his better half officially opened a recreation center at Cyprus for young British military personnel to relax and have a fun time. So, while Prince William was out there, he noticed that one of the room had bright yellow colored couches. Regarding which, he teased the soldiers by telling them to “keep the pizza off the sofas” to which Kate immediately responded by saying “you’re a nightmare with that” and the whole room burst out in to a good laugh.


This led us to the confirmation that the eldest son of late Princess Diana and Prince Charles likes to savor his pizza meal on the most comfortable furniture of all, sofas and couch present in the royal castle. It is rather hilarious to imagine the future king skipping the elegant and classy dining room set up for a comfy couch. Some royal fun right!