Tomahawk is a giant steak from the front part of the beef loin. Its name and its size are reminiscent of the weapon that Native Americans used to defend their territories and its unmistakable flavor is a real explosion of taste and perfumes. Let's find out where to find it and how to best enjoy it!

Tomahawk, the giant steak that looks like an ax

In the eyes of most people, the Tomahawk steak could appear as just a fashion meat neglecting the significant flavor that it has. For this reason it is important to know well what the long-bone Ribeye Tomahawk is.

What is Tomahawk steak

The Tomahawk steak, also called brontosaurus steak, is a real jewel of the butcher shop: a "war" trophy for the most inveterate carnivores who make it their highlight during barbecues with friends. It comes from Australia and in particular its beef derives from a cross between the Black Angus breed and the rarer Wagyu. Its size undoubtedly makes it the largest steak in the world; its shape and its 30 centimeters of bone make the Tomahawk remember the ax that the Native Americans threw during the clashes with the settlers. Originally from Australia, much loved in the USA, home of barbecues, Tomahawk is also known and appreciated in the whole world. This cut of meat, deriving from the rib of the beef loin, is about 5 centimeters thick and it has a weight that varies from 800 grams up to 1.8 kg. Its strong flavor and its marbled appearance derive from the presence of fat evenly distributed in the muscle fibers, a detail that makes this steak incredibly soft and juicy.

How to cook the Tomahawk steak

Without a doubt, the grill is the best way to enjoy the brontosaurus steak. Before being cooked, the Tomahawk must be at room temperature: for this reason it must be taken out of the refrigerator one hour before. To make the steak softer and juicier, it is advisable to massage it for a few minutes with olive oil. Cooking this jewel is really easy: first two minutes on each side over high heat so that the juices are not lost, then for another 10 minutes at a lower temperature. Despite its size, the Tomahawk is a cut of soft meat that is also easy to digest thanks to the uniformly distributed fat: to cook it at its best, it is preferable to have a medium cooking and not rare. A tip to make it perfect: after cooking, wrap the Tomahawk in aluminum foil and let it rest for a few minutes, then serve it with a pinch of salt and a sprinkling of pepper!