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Twix Shocks Fans By Revealing The Hidden Meaning Behind The Candy’s Name

Twix has come to stay in the food industry as they continue to steal hearts with their tasty treats. However, although many people enjoy their candy bars, not many have stopped to wonder why it has that name. Keep reading to find out more about what the name means.

By Cookist

There is no denying it. Twix bars are a staple in American candy culture.

The delicious snack made with a combination of chocolate, caramel, and cookies is one of the treats that made the top 10 ranking in a 2021 YouGov survey about the most beloved Halloween treats in America.

However, despite how popular the candy bar is many of its consumers were left stunned when it became apparent that they didn't know as much about Twix as they initially thought.

What could have triggered such an awareness? It has to do with a resurfaced 2018 tweet that saw Twix reveal the true meaning of its name.

A Twitter user had tweeted:

"I read that ‘Twix' is short for ‘twin biscuit sticks.' Can you confirm or deny this?"

The brand had replied: "Close! It's short for ‘twin sticks.'" 


One pack of the treat comes with two identical Twix bars even though die-hard Twix fans have long debated whether the "Left Twix" or "Right Twix" is superior.

The exchange happened years ago but it has found a new audience of fans who had no idea there was a deeper meaning behind the word, Twix.

"I was today years old when I found out that Twix stands for Twin Sticks!!!" one Twitter user posted after getting enlightened.

"Can't believe I've just found out that Twix stands for twin sticks," another wrote.

Even Uber Eats weighed in on the conversation, posting "twin sticks, really?"

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