It is quite common to order something to pass time while traveling. If not anything fancy, a cup of tea or coffee is the comfort food that many of us end up ordering while traveling by planes. However, experts recommend otherwise and suggest to never eat food while traveling in airplanes, read on to know why.

While you may get some very delicious “looking” food on planes, many experts and a few chefs recommend against consuming it. In fact, the world famous travel expert Anthony Bourdain would eat practically everything under the sun but the airplane food. No, it has nothing to do with the pasty pasta dishes or glued rice preparations that are served on most planes. The actual reason why you must skip meals served on a plane is not associated with the quality of food but has a strong connection with jet lag.

The founder of a luxury travel firm, Melissa Biggs Bradley, shared her most favorite travel tip that she explored over many years of frequent flying. This very handy travel tip is quite a revelation in itself as not many people might be aware of it. In one of her travel endeavors, she ended up chatting with a few flight attendants. This is when she explored the insider knowledge, which she finally shared with all her travel club members.

According to Bradley, the sure shot remedy for jet lag is to not eat on the planes. Yes, no airplane food. This is what the flight attendants practice and so should you. Isn’t this information a real steal for all the traveling enthusiasts?

In fact, the flight attendants recommend against eating anything at all. Not even a peanut or a chip, just plain water and nothing else. The reason for this is that they believe at higher altitudes our digestive system becomes a little sluggish and does not process food as fast as it normally does. Once you land, the system basically restarts itself, which results in the feeling of tiredness. However, being adequately hydrated by sipping on just plain water helps to tone the system.

So, like most of the flying attendants just eat once you reach back on the ground. This tip has been personally tried and tested by Bradley and she approves of it. However, there are some other experts that owe catching up with sleep while not waking up to eat as the reason for not being tired after flying.

That is not all, the airplane pilots suggest to stay hydrated, avoid alcohol, and limit caffeine consumption to avoid getting jet lag!