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11 health benefits of stinging nettle

Here are 11 health benefits of this plant about which you should be aware of.

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Read on to know about 11 ways in which stinging nettle can benefit our health.

Stinging nettle or nettle is a very popular plant grown in most of the continents. It’s leaves and roots offer various medicinal properties and it can be consumed in many forms such as tea, extract, soup, tablet, capsule, tincture, or pill to benefit our health. Here are 11 health benefits of this plant about which you should be aware of.



It offers the great detoxifying property to cleanse our body by acting as a natural diuretic, stimulating the lymphatic system, and helping in the elimination of toxins from the kidneys. It also helps in improving the nutrient uptake, improves the efficiency of the gut, maintains digestive processes, and thus prevents the accumulation of harmful toxins in our body.

For women

Stinging nettle can be consumed in the tea form by pregnant women who are about to undergo labor to prevent excessive bleeding as it helps to coagulate the blood. It also helps to stimulate milk production in lactating women. It is beneficial to provide relief from painful cramps and bloating during menstruation as it offers astringent properties. For menopausal women, stinging nettle helps to maintain the hormonal shift without many complications.

Improves blood circulation


It has a high vitamin C and iron content that improves iron absorption in the gut, increases RBC count, improves wound recovery, improves oxygenation level of the body, improves blood circulation, and thus boosts energy level.

Prevents kidney stones

Stinging nettle is beneficial for kidneys as it offers diuretic benefits and it can also help to breakdown the stones in both kidney and gall bladder. It also protects against bladder infections, edema, and thus benefits our health.

Anti-inflammatory property


Stinging nettle acts as a stimulant and also offers anti-inflammatory benefits that are beneficial against rheumatoid arthritis, gout, and chronic muscular pain.

For bones

It contains a good quantity of boron that is beneficial to maintain calcium content in our bones and prevent osteoporosis.

For respiratory health


This plant is beneficial to both prevent and treat asthma, hay fever, and seasonal allergies.

Protects the heart

Consuming stinging nettle tea helps to decrease the systolic blood pressure, relieves stress, and thus improve heart health.

For prostate health


Stinging nettle root is beneficial to prevent prostate enlargement.

For skin

Extract of stinging nettle can be applied on the skin to prevent and reduce acne, prevent bacterial infection, enhance healing of acne, reduce blemishes and wrinkles, and promotes anti-aging benefits.

Other benefits


Stinging nettle’s extract is also beneficial to reduce diarrhea, nausea, and soothe hemorrhoids and ulcers.

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