Here is a list of 15 food items that you must immediately avoid consuming as they are loaded with added sugars.

Consuming too much sugary food and sweets can lead to various health problems. Read on to know which 15 foods are the biggest culprits that can increase the risk to our health because of the presence of hidden sugars in them.

Soda. Almost all of the sweetened aerated beverage and sugary soda contains an alarming level of added sugar in them, which is extremely harmful to our health.

Granola and protein bars. These bars may be considered to be a healthy snack but most of them are loaded with added sugars and have several grams of unaccounted sugar in it.

Fruit drinks and canned fruit. Most of the fruit drinks and canned fruits contain unnatural sugars, which never can match up to the nutritional content of fresh fruits.

Flavored yogurt. Most of the flavored yogurt is loaded with an unhealthy level of sugar even though it may be a low-fat or a non-fat dairy product variant.

Condiments and salad dressings. Many food flavoring substances such as honey mustard, barbeque sauce, and ketchup are full of sugars. Various salad dressings also contain sugar even though they are labeled light or non-fat.

Energy and sports drink. Energy drinks contain a dangerous level of sugar that are certainly not healthy and should be instead swapped with some other healthier beverage such as coconut water. A sports drink may seem to be a healthy alternative but given the high sugar content, it adds a lot more than mere electrolytes to your body.

Breakfast cereal. This food product contains a notoriously high level of sugar that can jeopardize your healthy diet plan.

sweet and sour sauce

Pasta sauce. Processed and canned tomato sauce contains sugar in the form of corn syrup that can increase the calorie content of this tomato based food product.

Protein powder. Protein powder may be used as an additional protein source in your diet but in reality, it also adds an undesirable element (in the form of sugar) to the otherwise healthy diet as well.

Bread. Many popular breads contain molasses or fructose corn syrup that is not a very healthy addition to the loaf of bread.


Peanut butter. This breakfast favorite contains surprisingly high amount of sugar.

Milk creamer. The milk creamer used to prepare tea and coffee also contains some amount of sugar.

Jam. Jams and fruit based spread are another commonly used food item that contains a high amount of sugar.


Non-dairy milk and smoothies. Some of the smoothies and lactose-free milk contains cane sugar and fructose to sweeten them.

Low-fat food products. Most of the low-fat food product contains hidden calories in the form of added sugar in it, which drastically affects their health quotient.