Not even in our wildest dreams do we ever associate the food we eat to harm us or worst still slowly poison us to death. Here are 17 foods that you must completely avoid in your diet.

It is shocking to even imagine that the food you enjoy so lavishly might be slowly leading you to death. It is time to analyze your food habits and throw away these 17 foods from your kitchen.

Canned tomato sauce. It has plenty of hidden sugar and salt that can slowly lead you to obesity, heart problems, and diabetes. Try to use fresh or pureed tomatoes instead.

Soda. Carbonated beverages are loaded with sugar, food dyes, and preservatives that can mess up your skin, hormones, blood sugar levels, and mood.

Sugar. It is highly addictive and spikes the blood glucose levels that may increase the risk of diabetes, heart problems, obesity, and even cancer.

Deli meats. Salami, bologna, ham etc. are loaded with nitrates, sodium and other preservatives that may increase the risk of diabetes, heart problems, and cancer.

Vegetable oils. These oils may contain trans-fats that can lead to CVD, diabetes, obesity, and Alzheimer’s. Opt for healthier alternatives such as olive, coconut, and avocado oil.

Margarine. It is made of hydrogenated vegetable oils that can harm the heart, blood vessels, and shoot bad cholesterol levels. Choose butter, olive or avocado oil instead.

Hot dogs. Smoked and salted meats as present in hot dogs are high on preservatives and toxins that may increase the risk of cancer.

Potato chips. Acrylamide is a dangerous substance found in all deep fried foods that increase the risk of colon, breast, rectum, and prostate cancer.

Bottled salad dressings. These are high on sugar and artificial color. Use fresh lemon juice, apple cider or balsamic vinegar with olive oil instead.

Artificial sweetener. These may contain fewer calories but increase the risk of diabetes, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, and high blood pressure.

Alcohol. It is high in calories and leads to dehydration, weight gain, liver damage, skin problems, and depression. Best for you to avoid it!

Refined grains. White flour is devoid of fiber, vitamins, and minerals that may increase the risk of weight gain, organ, and thyroid damage. Use whole grains instead.

Dairy. It is linked with reduced nutrient absorption, arthritis, migraine, allergies, cancer, and asthma. Switch to coconut or almond milk instead.

Barbequed food. The chemicals entering in to meats during barbequing may lead to pancreatic and breast cancer. Add rosemary while cooking to reduce carcinogens.

Energy bars. These contain lots of sugar, preservatives and may be trans-fats as well, all of which is nothing but a ticking time bomb.

Fast food. It tastes great but with a high content of trans-fats, sugar, preservatives, and salt it may lead towards diabetes, CVD, cancer, obesity, and metabolic disorder.

Breakfast cereals. Opt for the ones without any added sugar, artificial colors, preservatives, and non-GMO products, such as oatmeal.