Nausea is a symptom whose causes may be different but effective natural remedies exist. Let’s see five of these.

Nausea is a very annoying symptom that can be associated with particular moments of life, for example pregnancy or the taking of a particular therapy, or it may be due to digestive problems, viral pathology in progress or even to movements in car, by sea or by plane.

Those who wish to fight nausea naturally can choose from numerous alternatives.

Here 5 natural really effective remedies for nausea

1. Natural remedies for nausea: ginger


When it comes to nausea, the first natural remedy to come to mind is ginger, also contained in many commercial products.

Ginger is effective against nausea of ​​various kinds and can be taken in many forms:

> herbal tea;
> fresh;
> candied;
> sweets;
> with honey;
> in essential oil.

Be careful, however, during pregnancy: before taking special ginger products when you are pregnant please seek advice from your doctor or pharmacist.

2. Natural remedies for nausea: lemon

Another effective natural remedy for nausea is lemon.

It is sufficient to smell a fragrant lemon to alleviate the annoying symptom. Cut a nice fresh lemon and breathe deeply to feel all the aroma.

This remedy is particularly indicated during pregnancy, when it is not possible to resort to other methods which, although effective, could be harmful to the fetus.

Hot lemonade helps to get rid of nausea, especially when this is due to digestive difficulties. It is prepared by boiling water with lemon juice and peel; it should be drunk warm.

Sometimes nausea is a sign of the need to get free and throw up. If it were to happen, it most likely means that the body needed it; after you will feel better.

3. Natural remedies for nausea: peppermint

A good infusion of peppermint, fragrant and refreshing, can relieve the symptoms of nausea, especially when this is due to digestive problems.

Peppermint helps to relieve nausea even in the form of essential oil, simply put a couple of drops on a handkerchief and sniff, breathing deeply.

In case of mild nausea, it may also be useful to simply sniff a few leaves of fresh mint.

Mint, both in the form of infusion and fresh mint (to chew, perhaps, as if it were a chewing gum) also promotes digestion and helps to solve the problem of halitosis that sometimes is associated with the nausea due to digestive difficulties.

4. Natural remedies for nausea: chamomile

Chamomile is known for its calming and soothing effect on the entire gastrointestinal tract.

It helps to resolve heartburn, problems of poor digestion and even nausea.

It is a product that we almost always have at home so it is a quick and immediate remedy; it is in fact sufficient to use the classic sachets to prepare an infusion and drink it warm and in small sips. Of course, those who prefer it can use dried flowers instead of ready-made sachets.

Chamomile is particularly indicated in case of nausea during the menstrual cycle as it helps, at the same time, to combat uterine spasms that cause the classic pain symptomatology often associated with menstruation.

5. Natural remedies for nausea: acupressure

Acupressure is a natural remedy that comes from traditional oriental medicine and it is one of the best known solutions to relieve nausea.

It is sufficient to sit and rub, practicing pressure, the point at which the nerve is concentrated, to which one owes the feeling of nausea; this point is between the index and the thumb. It is a practice that helps to resolve nausea and, at the same time, it relaxes you.