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5 Health Benefits That Have Been Linked To Drinking Noni Fruit Juice

The noni fruit is not a very popular one and only a very small amount of people know them by name even though a majority have passed them in the market at some point before. In this article, we examine what makes the fruit popular, as well as details on how to recognize it on your next fruit hunt.

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The noni fruit is small, oval-shaped, and looks like mulberry. They are sometimes called Indian mulberries, and they have a greenish-yellow color. This fruit is native to the Pacific Islands, Southeast Asia, Australia, and India.

The use of the fruit for medicinal purposes can be traced 2000 years into the past by the Polynesian peoples, who are known for their use of traditional folk medicine. This is because the noni fruit has wonderful medicinal benefits, and what's more? Every part of it can be beneficial.

Its stems, leaves, bark, and root can all be used, and this makes it very valuable.

The Noni Tree

Noni was obtained from the Morinda citrifolia tree, which is native to Asia, the Islands, and Australia. The noni tree can be recognized by its large, green glistening leaves and their peculiar vein patterns.

Noni fruit can be eaten raw, but these days, using it to make noni juice has become all the rage. The fruits are small, and they usually contain numerous seeds. Some call it cheese fruit because it has a strong smell and bitter taste.

Noni fruits may taste and smell strongly; however, they contain a lot of healthy compounds, including vitamins – vitamin C, vitamin E, biotin, folate, Minerals – potassium, calcium, plant-based flavonoids, antioxidants – beta carotene, and iridoids.

Here are the health benefits of the noni fruit

1. Has anti-inflammatory properties

Noni juice may be able to help reduce cellular damage and internal inflammation caused by tobacco in cigarette smokers. It also reduces cholesterol levels that may have increased the likelihood of you having heart disease.


2. Contains antioxidants

Noni fruits are great reservoirs of nutrients and antioxidants that can work as a body tonic. Noni is known for boosting the body’s energy as well as improving the body’s overall physical performance.


3. Can relieve pain

They can help reduce pain and this is why they have nicknames like ”The Tree for Headaches” and ”The Painkiller Tree.” Noni fruits were used in ancient days to reduce pain. It can help with joint pain caused by illnesses like rheumatoid arthritis, gout, and osteoporosis. Noni fruits also have anti-inflammatory properties that increase the flexibility of connective tissues, getting rid of stiffness in joints and reducing pain.


4. Can lower blood pressure

They can help reduce high blood pressure because they contain a high amount of vitamin C, poly nutrients, and minerals that maintain the well-being of your blood vessels thereby keeping your heart healthy.


5. Lowers risk of cancer

They may reduce cancer risk because they stimulate the production of nitric oxide which reduces tumor growth. According to some studies, if cancer exists, then noni fruits may slow, stop, or reverse it.

Just like any other fruit, the noni fruit can be incorporated into numerous recipes; you just have to find your favorite!

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