There is something so irresistible yet sinful about fried foods. For the longest time, fried food has been considered off-limits for people trying to lose weight and eat a healthy diet. However, based on recent studies and food trends, fried foods, including French fries and chicken, are very much a part of a healthy diet. Read on to know more about it.

French fries are our most beloved snack, which, of course, has a bad reputation in the market. Similarly, consuming many other fried foods are taboo for people aiming to eat a healthy diet. However, it is not true as the health quotient of many foods is dependent on the ingredients used to prepare it.

Taking French fries, for example. If this is cooked using fresh hand-cut whole potatoes with the skin on, plant-based liquid vegetable oil, and a mix of healthy herbs and seasonings, then it may not severly impact our health. Here we are looking at various aspects of including fried food as part of a healthy diet.

A study published in the British Medical Journal also supports that there is no link between the consumption of fried food and the risk of heart diseases. Though, the oils used to cook food by the participants of this study were mostly olive oil, sunflower oil, or other vegetable oils. Pre-soaking the potatoes and other starchy foods before cooking at a high temperature by baking, frying, roasting, or tasting can help to reduce the formation of acrylamide. The substance acrylamide is linked to an increased risk of cancer and heart diseases. Adding rosemary and vegetables, especially cruciferous veggies, to the preparations involving high-temperature cooking can also help to reduce acrylamide formation.

Do not overindulge or splurge on fried foods and limit its consumption to occasional eating only. We are not advocating the use of fried foods but merely trying to clear the myth around eating fried food, even occasionally. It is essential to stay active always for your body to digest the food eaten well. Exercising regularly is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. With the popularization of low-carb and high-fat diets, we can definitely see a changing trend in the way people perceive fats and oils as a part of a healthy diet. Here the type of oil or fat consumed in the regular diet is a significant factor in attaining good health.