Did you know that with citrus peels you can clean your house and make your skin perfect? Here's all you need not to waste anything from oranges, tangerines and lemons.

Natural ingredients are often excellent allies for beauty and even for cleaning your house: citrus peels can also be used to thoroughly clean burners, to remove limescale and even to make your skin perfect. Here's everything you can do with tangerine, orange and lemon peels!

With citrus fruits peel you can polish the stove and the cutlery: do not throw away the lemon peels after having squeezed them! In fact, the peel still holds some juice and you can use it to make the surface of your stove shiny, and to clean your cutlery and crockery in general. Simply rub the peel on the object you need to polish and then dry it with a microfibre cloth.


With citrus fruits peel you can remove limescale from the electric kettle: if you want to clean the electric kettle thoroughly by removing the limestone, you can boil some water with the chopped lemon peel and a glass of white vinegar inside. Leave it to act for one hour and then rinse it, bringing the normal water to a boil before using it again.

With citrus fruits peel you can clean the coffee maker: to remove any residual dirt from the coffee maker, you can clean it with water, coarse salt and lemon peel. Just let the mixture work for a few hours and your coffee maker will be like new.

With citrus fruits peel you can make a delicate scrub for your face and your body: dry the tangerine peels and chop them coarsely with the kitchen mixer. Once transformed into granules, you can combine them with sugar, oatmeal and white yogurt to create a gentle scrub to use on the face and body to eliminate dead skin cells.

With citrus fruits peel you can cleanse your face: thanks to the pectin contained within their peels, citrus fruits can be used to thoroughly clean the skin of the face. To create a natural detergent, boil the peel for a long time until it melts completely, then leave it to cool and use it with a cotton pad to clean the skin.

With citrus fruits peel you can make a face mask for oily skin: the astringent properties of tangerine are very useful for those with oily skin. To create a natural mask that shrinks the pores, you can blend the peel of oranges and tangerines in the blender and combine them with egg white to create a creamy consistency. Apply the mask on your face and let it act for 10 minutes before rinsing: the skin will be clean and purified.