In the long queue of therapeutic varieties of tea, lemon grass tea offers many benefits. It has many preventive and protective properties that strengthen the defense of our body and helps us lead a healthy life. Here is a list of ways in which our body benefits by consuming lemon grass tea.

Lemon grass is popularly used in the South Asian preparations primarily as part of various curries. The delicate oils present in lemon grass has antifungal and antioxidant properties. Stem of lemon grass is chopped up to prepare the tea concoction or brew that has organic compounds, which impacts our body positively. However, it is recommended that pregnant women must avoid consuming this beverage as it interacts with some medicines.

Improves circulation of blood

Lemon grass tea has a significant effect on the cardio vascular health as it lowers the blood pressure. The high potassium content of lemon grass acts as natural vasodilator that helps to improve circulation of blood, regulate level of fluids in body, and reduces strain on heart. Lowering of blood pressure is beneficial in avoiding any cardiovascular complication such as heart attack or stroke.

Stimulates metabolism

The caffeine content and poly phenolic compounds of lemon grass are beneficial in stimulating the metabolism. This is particularly helpful for people intending to lose weight as lemon grass helps to effectively burn calories and unhealthy fats.

Helps digestion

Citral is a compound present in lemon grass tea that is effective in digesting food and preventing constipation.

Prevents chronic illnesses

Antioxidants and poly phenols present in this beverage provides a defense barrier to our body against oxidative stress that may lead to various chronic illnesses, such as cancer.

Balances the body 

The comforting cup of lemon grass tea is helpful to balance the fluid levels in our body, remove toxins faster, increase metabolic rate, and recover faster from illnesses.

Prevents inflammatory problems

This tea is also beneficial against various inflammatory problems such as arthritis, sore throat, headache, muscular pain etc. The anti inflammatory property of lemon grass tea is effective to reduce pain and irritation of the body. Some people also apply the concoction of this tea topically over the affected area after cooling the brew down to room temperature.

Improve mood swings and anxiety

Studies report that consuming lemon grass tea is also effective to improve mood swings and anxiety. The constituents and compounds present in it have sedative properties, which relaxes the mind, lowers the production of stress hormones, and thereby prevents building up of stress. People fighting depression may benefit themselves by consuming it as the calming and mood uplifting effect of lemon grass tea helps to change the mood and alter the behavior pattern.

Helps with sleeping

Furthermore, the sedative properties of lemon grass tea is effective in inducing sleep, treat insomnia, restlessness, and soothe mind.