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Amid The Coronavirus Outbreak, A Lawrenceville Family Restaurant Helps Feed School Kids

If there is anything good that the coronavirus pandemic has shown us, it is that there is love and kindness in humanity. While many stay self-quarantined to avoid getting infected with the coronavirus, a bold few are out there, helping to provide food and other essential supplies to needy families. Some of these are family restaurants like that of the Talarico's. Thanks to how uplifting their story is, it has inspired many others.

By Cookist

Beth and Katie Talarico co-run the Piazza Talarico on Liberty Avenue in Lawrenceville, but the coronavirus has stopped their normal workflow. They aren't complaining, however, as they join hands with their close friend Mary Brunner-Ferrese to help feed children during the pandemic.

The three women have made hundreds of meals for Pittsburgh Public Schools children and others, with the financial and emotional support of Talarico's parents and donations from friends and other restaurant owners.

According to Beth Talarico, Mary is the brain behind the idea for the benefit:

"Mary came to us and said there's a lot of schools that are closing and these kids don't always know where their next meal is coming from. Sometimes their only square meal each day is at school."

They started by preparing pasta dinners but have now expanded their itinerary to many more others thanks to help from other entrepreneurs as well as benevolent individuals.

The Talarico's are not the only ones that are doing such noble work. The Warren and Penn Cove Eatery, located in Downtown Pittsburgh, started sharing 100 meals and grocery bags to service industry workers who have become jobless because of the pandemic.

Another family restaurant, Mercurio's known for its pizza and gelato in Shadyside are also soliciting for donations so that they can provide food for healthcare workers UPMC St. Margaret, UPMC Shadyside, and West Penn hospitals.

There are many more others like these doing the little they can to help others; you should do so too.

Stay safe!

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