Business-Class Airline Passenger Ordered Vegan Food — What He Got Instead Shocked Him

It's not easy being a vegan in a world filled with meat eaters, especially not for this airline passenger who got just one banana and chopsticks. The passenger who boarded Japan Airlines recently spoke up about how they treat vegans and the account was not flattering.

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A passenger by the name of Kris Chari boarded a Japan Airlines flight to fly business class from Jakarta, Indonesia, to Tokyo. The journey was scheduled to last for more than seven hours.

There were two meal services during the flight. One was a snack and light refreshment served after takeoff and the second was supposed to be lunch.

The snacks for non-vegan passengers consisted of seared tuna with a Moroccan-style eggplant salad, cheese with orange salsa, and a baguette, according to the airline's menu and Chari's experience.

However, all he got served as a vegan was a banana with chopsticks when he had been expecting an equivalent of what the non-vegan passengers were served.

"I was served a single banana," he said.


According to Chari, he spoke with a flight attendant and was very shocked to find out that the banana was a catered meal.

He said: "It's a bit insulting to be served a single banana while others are given a far more substantial and flavorful menu. It seems especially important given the growth in the number of vegans and vegetarians."


A representative from Japan Airlines responded to the news: "We apologize for not being able to meet expectations."

The representative also confirmed that the snack and refreshment option for all special meals on that  flight was a banana.

The person said: "We will continue to respond to our menus in light of the growing interest and diverse needs of customers requesting special meals, including the valuable feedback from this customer."

Other airlines have also been called out for not providing food options good enough for vegans. A good example is Air Canada. One passenger claimed flight attendants initially offered her only water during a 10-hour flight from Frankfurt to Toronto.

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