Did You Know You Could Microwave Corn On The Cob?

Everyone enjoys butter-slathered corn on the cob especially in summer. Not only is it delicious, the  method is hassle-free and very fast. Keep reading to find out how to get some ready in as little as 5 minutes using your microwave.

By Cookist

Corn on the cob is a snack many people love, especially during summer. The practice of eating corn on a cob extends way back into the past but even now, not much has changed about it.

Some prefer to boil corn on the cob in big batches, but others opt for the less fussy method which requires you using the microwave.

Microwaving corn on the cob is very simple and it takes only a couple of minutes. You'll need some corn, a microwave and nothing more.


How To Microwave Corn On The Cob In 3 Steps

  1. Don't remove the husk of the corn! Leaving the husk on helps prevent the corn from drying out, and when you use a microwave removing the husk and silk is much easier.
  2. Set the un-shucked corn on the cobs on a microwave-safe dish then put them in the, and let them cook for five minutes. If you're only doing one or two, you can start with three minutes.
  3. After removing it from the microwave, let them cool until the husk doesn't scorch your finger when you touch it, afterward you can shuck the corn.

And voila! They're ready to eat. You can slather them in butter, salt, pepper, depending on what you like. Or you can slice off the corn with a knife and toss into salads, pastas, or soups.


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