• gin 6 cl
  • lime cordial 3 cl

Gimlet cocktail is a drink made of gin and lime cordial and was created by Sir Thomas Gimelette, a medical officer who embarked in 1879 on the Royal Navy. At that time, on the ships of the British Navy, they were given rations of lime juice as a way to fight scurvy, a disease affecting sailors with a vitamin C lack. Gin was also very popular on ships for its diuretic properties and its combination with lime created this simple and delicious cocktail. It has a clean and aromatic flavor, perfect to serve as an aperitif. Here is the original recipe to make Gimlet to perfection.

How to make Gimlet Cocktail

Place the ice in the shaker to cool it down.

Pour more ice into the shaker, add the gin and lime cordial and shake for about 10 seconds.

Remove the ice from the glass and pour in the gimlet through a strainer.

Garnish with a lime slice.


– You can adjust the doses according to your taste, following this preparation technique: pour the ingredients in the shaker, stir with the barspoon and check if you like the drink. You can always add a little more gin, lime cordial or lime juice.

– If you do not have lime cordial on hand, you can make it at home by mixing 300 ml of lime juice with 300 gr of sugar syrup, 1 cl of gin and lime peels. Let it sit overnight and strain. You can then store it for 2 days.

– You can also try Daiquiri, made with white rum instead of gin and mixed with lime juice and sugar syrup.

– A variation of the Gimlet is the Richmond Gimlet, which uses the same ingredients but with the addition of mint, before mixing.