Here Are The Strict Food Rules That Royal Children Live By

Like many predict, special attention is paid to the royal children, regardless of their ages. While they sometimes consume food like the rest of us, insiders report that there are specific food items they are not allowed to consume. Read on below for some of them.

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Being a royal comes with fame and recognition but it's not without strict rules and protocols that mold their daily activities. Aside from etiquette, there are strict rules implemented in the diet of the royal children, all of which help them maintain healthy eating habits. Below is a brief look at the diet of the royal kids.

Here's What A royal Baby's Meal Typically Consists Of

At their early stage of growth, the royal children are fed fruits that have been puréed by hand to make for easy consumption. Former royal chef Darren McGrady, who cooked meals for Prince William and Prince Harry when they were kids, said:

“Their first meals [were] steamed apples and pears from the queen’s Sandringham country retreat.”

Furthermore, he discloses that when the children reach the age where they are able to consume solids, they are only fed organic meals.


Here's What You'll Never Find In The Royal Kids' Diets

According to reports, the queen mandates two of the kitchen staff to monitor a royal baby’s diet.

“One chef in the palace kitchen would puree chicken, lamb, or beef and another would do the same with cooked vegetables such as peas, carrots, and cauliflower,” the publication noted.

The Royal staff is banned from giving the children packaged foods. McGrady shares that he hasn't seen baby-related packaged food in the palace in all the years he worked there.

There's A Special Rule For Royal Mothers Too

The special diet rules also extend to royal breastfeeding mothers as they are the only source of nutrition for the royal babies. According to reports, they are made to avoid spicy foods, alcohol, and garlic.

Fun fact: Garlic has been banned from the royal kitchens for many years because the monarch’s family does not want it making their breath smell bad when they are going to meet others or when they have visitors!

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