Read on to know how you can use the Himalayan salt block in your regular cooking!

A Himalayan salt block is a relatively new food that people are still struggling to cook with. There are several interesting ways to include this food in the diet and enjoy the health benefits associated with it.

This pink colored slab of Himalayan salt contains a higher amount of vital minerals compared to table salt and has a distinct flavor. Himalayan salt block can retain high temperatures for a long time and thus can efficiently conduct heat, which makes it ideal for cooking baked or grilled meats, eggs, poultry, seafood, fish, vegetables, and fruit preparations. Himalayan salt block can also be used to serve chilled desserts, cheese, cold meats, custard, sushi, ice cream, sorbet, etc.

Here are certain tricks to use the Himalayan salt block in regular cooking.

Always use a dry salt block as moisture can result in it to expand and crack upon heating. Do not heat it too quickly to prevent it from cracking. Preheat the salt block on a grill or a stove instead of placing it directly in the oven. Heating the block can develop small cracks or change its color, which is normal. Upon heating, the salt block can remain hot for several hours and to a very high temperature. So, use specific heat resistant gloves instead of regular oven gloves to work with it. Water dissolves the salt block so it is best to not submerge it in water and clean the block with a damp sponge or a soft brush.