A majority of the people are still fighting weight issues, particularly obesity. Read on to know the main reason you continue to stay on the higher side of the weighing scale, even after putting many efforts to sculpt your body to a leaner frame.

Like everyone else in the world, you too might be blaming all the mouth-watering delicacies and a sedentary lifestyle for your “well-endowed” physique. However, that’s not totally true. Read on to know if not the food and laziness, what else is making you fat!

It might seem strange to you but it is our ancestors because of whom we tend to pile up oodles of weight easily and to an extent that it is now turning in to the most dangerous problems of all.

Evolution of human species dates back to the time when food was scarce and most of our ancestors fed on some fruits or deer, only after a long phase of starvation. So, in the absence of proper edible food source, their bodies carried on because of the fat molecules accumulated in their body. These fat stores worked as a fuel tank in our vehicles, which helped people of early age carry out day to day activity in the absence of regular food supply.

The early humans who could not store fat, as well as the others, would perish away earlier. So, storing fat in the body kind of became an essential physiological phenomenon to save lifes and is deeply rooted in our genes. With time, the availability of food became easier but the genetic integration and programming still remained the same.

So, over the generations, food became a source of pleasure and socializing, and not just to replenish our nutrients. In fact, the human race kind of survived because of this tradition of making meals tasty and joyful. As our bodies are designed to do things in which we find pleasure, over the years eating has been made in to a pleasurable job. This is why we visit restaurants and prepare fancy meals on special occasions.

However, now the times have changed as there is no food scarcity and famines. Yet, our eating habits and our drive to eat has stayed the same. Apart from this, with the help of technology, it has become way easier to have the food delivered or prepared at home. These things have a kind of complicated nature’s job because of which the tandem at which the two hunger hormones, leptin and ghrelin worked has been affected.

So, some people are born with the inability to make leptin and because of which their brain cannot register the need to store more fat despite having a lot of it and thus brain encourages them to continue eating. In another case, some people are born with an inability to produce ghrelin because of which they feel hungry all the time, even when they are well fed. Because of these physiological and constitutional differences, some people tend to gain weight faster than the others.