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McDonald’s Wants To Help Couples Tie The Knot On A Budget

The popular fast food chain is offering couples a $200 wedding package that includes 100 servings of chicken nuggets. Here's the dish.

By Cookist

In recent years getting married has become a huge money drainer as Americans have had to spend more on their big day thanks to factors like inflation.

Many other parts of the world are witnessing the same thing but McDonald’s has stepped up to help.

The fast food giant’s Indonesian sector is now offering a new “Wedding Mekdi” package to couples getting hitched in Jakarta.

For about $230, McDonald’s has offered newlyweds various catering options, including 100 chicken sandwiches and 100 servings of four chicken McNuggets.

For a wedding set up for 100 attendees, the package works out at over $2 per head which is about 97% less than the average couple who got married in America paid for catering last year.


Rizki Haryadi, a spokesperson for the company, said  that McDonald’s was offering newlyweds many service options for after their ceremony, including food stalls.

However he clarified that the deal does not include couples exchanging vows in any of the company’s restaurants.

“The wedding package is not for holding a wedding at a McD store, but only for food,” he said.

McWedding packages


For those looking to tie the knot under the Golden Arches, McDonald’s offers wedding ceremonies and parties in Hong Kong. 

They are called McWedding packages, and reportedly cost around $380. The packages are customizable and can include Chinese or Western decorations, balloons, and an Apple Pie display instead of a cake.

McDonald’s isn’t the only fast food chain to have ventured into the wedding industry.

Taco Bell fans are allowed to get married at the company’s flagship store in Las Vegas, which includes a ceremony in its “chapel with a twist,” custom wedding merchandise, a Cinnabon cake, and a Taco Bell sauce packet bouquet.

You can book a $777 Taco Bell wedding four hours before the ceremony, as long as you remember Taco Bell’s wedding dress code: “no shirt, no shoes, no marriage.”

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