Prince Harry and Meghan Markle give their royal staff a final treat

The famous couple recently made their final exit from their royal duties in the United Kingdom. Before leaving, they reportedly had an elaborate lunch party with the royal staff that had worked for them. It was reportedly an emotional affair for the group that had become very close to the couple while serving them.

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Early 2020, Prince Harry and his former actress wife, Meghan Markle, created a stir last year when they announced that they were stepping down from being senior members of the royal household.

They also subsequently shared the news that they are moving to North America so that they can give their son, Archie, a life outside of the royal spotlight.

The couple has reportedly made their last visit under royal duties, during which they hosted a special luncheon where they bid farewell to their royal staffers.

The couple shared a tight-knit bond with the staffers as reports disclosed that the party was an emotional one with some of the staffers even shedding a few tears.

In an interview with Page Six, a source close to the prince and Markle shared that they have all endured so much together and that they considered the luncheon a necessity.

The source further explained that the couple, who were aware of how hard the staffers have been working, brought up the idea so that they can show their utmost appreciation.

According to reports, this was not the first time the couple would be celebrating their staff this way. They, however, wanted to make their farewell a bit more special, thus the luncheon.

After performing their last royal duties, attending Commonwealth Day, the couple will travel back to Canada, where they will be financially independent and be able to give baby Archie a near-normal life.

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