• Red pepper 1
  • Flour type 00 200 g (1/2 cup)
  • Water 150 g (3/5 cup)
  • instant yeast for savory preparations 1 sachet
  • Fine salt
  • Peanut seed oil

Red pepper fritters are delicious small balls of fried dough enriched with red peppers. Easy and very fast to prepare, these savory fritters can be enjoyed alone or in accompaniment to other delicacies (also with easy seafood recipes, as they usually do in Naples), or with cold cuts and cheeses. Red pepper fritters are also perfect to serve as an appetizer or in a savory buffet. The recipe includes a few simple ingredients: water, flour, instant yeast for savory preparations and of course red peppers, to give sweetness and fragrance. So let's see how to make perfect red pepper fritters step by step.

How to make Red Pepper Fritters

Bake the red pepper in a preheated oven at 200 degrees C for at least 30-35 minutes (1).

Once well roasted, let it rest for 10 minutes in the oven off, then peel it, remove seeds and internal white parts (2).

Cut it into thin strips (3).

Mix the flour and instant yeast for savory preparations (4).

Add the cold water and mix with a whisk until the mixture will be thick and uniform (5). Add the fine salt.

Add the red peppers, previously cut, then mix well with the whisk (6).

Heat the peanut seed oil in a pan and, with the help of a spoon, take the batter and fry the savory fritters in hot oil, turning them occasionally (7).

Once golden brown, drain (8) and let the red pepper fritters dry on absorbent kitchen paper.

Add fine salt on the surface and serve the red pepper fritters hot (9).

How to store Red Pepper Fritters

We suggest you fry the red pepper fritters and serve them hot at the moment. If there are some leftovers, heat the savory fritters for a few minutes in the oven before enjoying them, they will seem as if they were freshly made. You can also freeze them, defrost them when needed and always heat them in the oven for a few minutes before serving.